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Britney van Kleef
2019-10-15 13:41:10
I have been to this playground about ten times. My daughter really loves it but we will not be returning. The first time I went I didn’t know you had to pay. Unfortunately I didn’t have any cash so the volunteer asked me to leave. I had to leave with my 2 year old screaming. I decide to give it another chance because it’s so close to our house. We’ve been going fairly frequently the last few months but yesterday was the last time. The same grumpy volunteer who kicked us out the first time accused me of smoking in the playground. I am 36 weeks pregnant and with my 2 year old at a playground. I can assure you I was never smoking. It was very embarrassing because it was in front of other parents and now I’m afraid everyone thinks I’m the very pregnant woman smoking at the playground with my toddler. This accusation has left me very upset. My Dutch husband is also very unhappy with the way this volunteer has treated me.
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